ADchosA 2 for macOS

ADchosA 2 IconADchosA 2 is an app, which creates random results. This results can be an image, a letter, a number or a password. Which one you get, did you specify yourself. ADchosA 2 gives you some random mode and you choose one of them.

In addition to the predecessor ADchosA gives you ADchosA 2 one big feature more. Now you can create as many configurations per random mode as you want. You must only specify an unique name for every configuration per random mode.

Of course, you can synchronize the data between devices. Even between macOS and iOS you can synchronize. You can sync via iCloud, via a local folder (only macOS), via Mail or via AirDrop. One note: The complete data will be synchronized, not only the changes you made.

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ADchosA 2 is also available for iOS.




Size:4,8 MB

System:macOS 10.11 or higher


Languages:English, German


  • 8 different random modes
  • Head or Tails: Flip a virtual coin and ADchosA 2 will return one of the sides.
  • Images: Define at least two images and ADchosA 2 will return one of them randomly.
  • Letters: Define a start and an end letter and ADchosA 2 returns one of them randomly.
  • Letter lotto: Define if you want consonants, vowels or both included in the random result. The random result contains at least 2, but you can specify the count.
  • Lotto: Enter a start, an end number and the count of the numbers, which ADchosA 2 should return randomly.
  • Numbers: ADchosA 2 can return a random number. You must only specify the start number (at least -999999) and the end number (maximum is 999999) and you get a random result.
  • Password: ADchosA 2 can create for you a password. It can consists of small letters, capital letters, numbers and special characters. The minimum length of the generated password is 4, the maximum length is 1024.
  • Words: Specify at least two words and ADchosA 2 will return some of them randomly.
  • Yes or No: ADchosA 2 will return a random result from yes, no or maybe (if specified).
  • Synchronize the complete data between different devices or systems via iCloud, Mail, AirDrop or a local folder (only macOS).


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