ADfoDi for macOS

ADfoDi IconADfoDi is your simple food diary for macOS. With ADfoDi you can identify meals and ingredients which causing pains. To do this, you enter your meals (optionally with ingredients) and your pains.

In the statistics window you see a list of the pains according to meals and ingredients. There is also a timeline view in the statistics window that contains the meals and pains in one view. You can reverse the sorting of the timeline objects in the preferences.

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ADfoDi is also available for iOS.


Category:Food and Drink


Size:3.4 MB

System:macOS 11 or higher


Languages:English, German


  • Creation of meals with name, time, activity and ingredients (optional) [ingredients have a name, a unit and a quantity]
  • Creation of pains with name, time and intensity
  • Activities, intensities and units can be adjusted in the preferences
  • Indication of a number of hours in order to determine meals and ingredients that causing pains (minimum is 1 hour, maximum is 168 hours)
  • Specification of the sorting of the timeline objects in the statistics window
  • View of pains per meal (in the statistics window)
  • View of pains per ingredient (in the statistics window)
  • View of pains and meals in a timeline (in the statistics window)
  • Sync via AirDrop


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