ADhoke 2 for macOS

ADhoke 2 IconYou look for an housekeeping app, which allows you to organize your finances in accounts and categories? Then you can use ADhoke 2. You create your accounts, your categories and add your products into them. If you dislike entering all the time the same products (with a different number of items), you can create default products. You create a defalt product with a name, a basic value and a basic unit. Now you need to drag and drop them on the category, you wish. Then you need to specify the number of items and you are done.

ADhoke 2 has also a good statistic. You can see your sales yearly or monthly. In addition to that you can follow the prices and the weights of your products. Is someone cheaper? Is someone lighter? ADhoke 2 can show you that (If you use basic prices and enter a weight for the specified product)

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Size:1.8 MB

System:macOS 10.11 or higher


Languages:English, German


  • Create accounts
  • Create categories for incoming or outgoing money
  • Specify a maximum value for your outgoing money categories
  • Create products, which repeats every month, every 3 months, every 6 months or every year
  • Create your products with a name, a product id, a date, a value, a basic value (per kg/l/ etc), a weight, a repeating time, if they are finished or not and if they are a supply or not
  • Create default products, which you buy often, but the number is changing from day to day
  • Yearly statistic for your sales
  • Monthly statistic for your sales
  • Statistic for the price trend of a product
  • Statistic for the weight trend of a product
  • Export your visible category data as plain text or a cvs file


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